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First Responders and

Military Personnel Program

A program for current and retired first responders and military personnel as well as their dependents, this program provides individual, couples, and family therapy at the cost of $35.00 per hour session. The program is run through Tuscaloosa Family Therapy with multiple provider availability. For more information regarding the therapists associated with Tuscaloosa Family Therapy, please go to

Low-Cost Assistance Program

The Low-Cost Assistance Program is a service provided by GTS in which those who demonstrate a financial need for services at a lower rate can request to be seen by the GTS intern. Service/ hour rates range from $10- $35 depending on the client’s ability to pay. (Final approval for acceptance into the LCAP will be determined by GTS supervising therapist.)

Hannah's Hope

A resource for families coping with autism, Hannah's Hope is a non-profit that provides no-cost or low-cost services for those affected by the autism diagnosis. Individual, couples, and family therapy are provided at $20 per hour sessions. Parenting classes/ support groups and sibling support groups are free. Additional services are being added often, so for updated information, you can go to to sign up for the organization's newsletter or to ask about services.

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